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30 Unique Distinctives

  1. We offer discounts for students as well as all of our wonderful first responders (police, fireman, nurses, etc.)

  2. Want some light exercise? Want to take it easy and be lifted? Fort Collins Coffeehouse offers you the choice. Choose to jog up the 21 safe rubberized steps to the main room of the coffeehouse, allowing you to eat a pastry with (a little) less guilt. Or choose to take our elevator (at the north side of our building), where all you have to do is open a door and press a button.

  3. Unlike the “automatic programmable” espresso machines that spew out the same formula for one and all, each of our baristas undergo special training to learn how to use our machine that allows him or her to blend precision flavors and mixes to each customers’ unique specification. 

  4. Beautiful and unique scenic videos displayed in rich color on a large high definition monitor.

  5. Warm, pleasant and comfortable surroundings that makes it easy to relax, do work, or simply chat with friends.

  6. We offer alternative milk options to fit almost everyone’s tastes and needs (oat, almond, coconut and soy.

  7. We provide an in-house musician for your enjoyment. Who would that be? YOU!…if you can play acoustic guitar. We have one set aside for any guest who can quietly strum for both the pleasure of you and our guests.

  8. Prices that are notably less than elsewhere…..and it will stay that way (We regularly compare prices to make sure ours are the lowest!).

  9. A casual and friendly coffeehouse that invited each person to enjoy their food and drinks at their own leisure.

  10. We have great breakfast and lunch options at terrific prices: bacon and eggs, a wide variety of burritos, salads, bagel/croissant sandwiches, pizza, nachos, soups and much more.

  11. We sincerely value, appreciate and welcome feedback , requests, suggestions and ideas that help us serve you and others. We may not be able to comply with all input, but our priority is to do our best. We listen to the wants and needs of those who visit us.

  12. We take care that our music is not blaring, or obnoxious, but rather pleasant and stays in the background so guests can enjoy conversation with friends, students can study, and business people can have undistracted interactions with prospective clients.

  13. Monthly unique drink offerings that welcome adventuresome guests into exotic taste explorations.

  14. Yes, we can put your drink in a to-go paper cup, but if you would like, you could get cozy in the house and enjoy your coffee in one of our ceramic cups- some are “designer” cups which can be quite colorful, and a bit on the “wild side.”

  15. We are innovative, and care for the well-being of each of our guests. For example, we not only have a dependable wireless internet system, but we are now making preparations to provide a second hard wire option to our guests that will both accelerate the feed of one’s internet experience, as well as decrease the degree of harmful wireless exposures.

  16. We want each person to feel welcome, and so make it a point to learn the first name of each of our customers, taking care to remember their unique needs.

  17. Our delicious pastries, cookies and pies are made from scratch, and they taste like it. (We also make it a point to offer at least one gluten free alternative for those who are gluten intolerant).

  18. Every customer is offered a free refill on all house drip coffees of any size (this even includes our organic coffee options). 

  19. We have a newly installed state of the art music system - pleasant and upbeat music that evenly ministers balanced treble and bass tones throughout the coffeehouse all at a conversation friendly volume.

  20. Our baristas are truly friendly and really enjoy YOU!!! In fact, it’s one of our highest values! We really like people! 

  21. We offer a nice meeting room for small groups at a great price. A meeting for three to four is $7 an hour. As an extra feature, we offer each person who rents our room a 15% discount on all drinks. What a deal!!!!!

  22. We have standout coffee that most remark as uncommonly good. This is not by chance. We have worked hard to find the best local coffee roasters. It is obvious that we found them!

  23. We support personal rights, and all the freedoms granted to us in the U.S. constitution, and the Bill of Rights. In that spirit, we want to encourage those who may have boldly exercised one of those rights, and lost their job in the process. Let us know. Although a small gesture, we want to both support and honor your courage by offering you free coffee or tea until you are back on your feet.

  24. We are loyal and local. We make it a point to get our coffee beans, pastries and food from local vendors who support our community, and have a reputation for quality.

  25. As a service to our guests we offer unique, thought provoking books for browsing in house, or to take home to read. Note, we do not make money on our books. They are priced either at our cost, or below.

  26. We offer organically sourced house coffees at the same low price as our commercial blends. Get it fresh, and unadulterated. Enjoy the taste of the coffee bean and nothing else! 

  27. An exceptionally clean environment that is safe and regularly maintained.

  28. Tree-top balcony for your enjoyment.

  29. Staff and baristas that are super courteous, trained to honor each guest as a person, not simply as a consumer. 

  30. Last but definitely not least……only Fort Collins Coffeehouse offers you the honor to sit above Boomer’s Music Store, the declared winner of Northern Colorado’s Lifestyle Magazine (NOC) award as the best music store in the region! Now when you visit us, you can take a simple walk down the stairs and visit them!

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