where friends gather




In the Fall of 2018 a small group of us got together to purchase Fort Collins Coffeehouse. We wanted to host a coffee house that had a community feel, and where people could feel welcome.

Our goal is to honor people as guests, and not merely as consumers. This overall vision motivates us in what we do and why.  The décor, furnishings, pictures, music and sound quality –“everything in the house”- is all there to say, “You are welcome.” Although there are aspects of  our coffeehouse that are not in place, even now we host a comfortable, friendly and decidedly different than the typical coffee house.

Besides award recognized coffees and teas, there are books to browse or buy, meals to relish, renown pastries to sample, and great cookies, and muffins to eat.

Fort Collins Coffeehouse provides a nesting place for individuals, couples, friends, and business acquaintances. Small or larger groups can claim a spot in our general seating area, or reserve a conference room (for a modest $15 an hour, inclusive of a 15% discount for all drinks). 

We know we are not the largest, the most sophisticated, modern, or “coolest” of coffee shops. But these things are not our ambition.

Our overriding focus is to be a community environment. where people can find quality coffee and teas, great pastries, and are treated with kindness and courtesy. This is what we want to be known for. Hopefully, when you visit you will see we are staying true to that vision, and that you will enjoy it so much, you will want to make us a part of your community.