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where friends gather




In the Fall of 2018, a small group of close friends got together to purchase Fort Collins Coffeehouse. We looked at the needs of the city and saw that it needed a coffeehouse where people could be welcomed, treated with courtesy, and could sit and enjoy their food and drink in an unhurried way. Overall, this vision has become a reality. 

Although there are aspects of our coffeehouse that we continue to want to improve and expand, clearly our foundational goal is to honor those who visit us as guests, rather than mere consumers. 

It is this vision that has inspired us to create a comfortable, friendly and, decidedly different coffeehouse. From the pictures and photo art decorating our walls, the music that flows from high-end speakers embedded in our ceiling, to the large high-definition monitor which hosts beautiful scenes from around the world, everything says, “You are welcome here. We are honored to have you as our guests.” 


We too have spent many hours researching the best coffees and teas in Northern Colorado to make sure that those who visit us will find their time with us to be an enjoyable experience. Toward the same end, we are in constant search to find the finest pastries, and food offerings so that those who choose to gather here with their friends will be able to not only enjoy their conversation, but a tasty muffin, a cookie, a scone, or a thick slice of pie.    

We know we are not the “coolest” nor the most sophisticated coffee shop in Fort Collins. That is not our aim. Our ambition is to make Fort Collins Coffeehouse a welcoming place that fosters community and friendship in an environment where all will be treated with personal courtesy, and kindness –  all while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere where great coffee, teas, and delicious food are served. This is what we want to be known for. Hopefully, this will be obvious to you when you visit.



“You are welcome here!” and “We are honored to have you as our guests!”    

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